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Brown Butter Lobster Rolls w/ Sriracha Mayo

Brown Butter Lobster Rolls with Sriracha Mayo

There are times when you just have to treat yourself to something delectable, and this right here will have you wanting to kiss yourself! A snack that a chef can admire, this succulent and tender lobster is sweet and pairs well with the creamy and spicy sriracha mayo. Place the lobster on a buttery roll and let the divine dining experience begin. Add a twist of lemon on the side for garnish and enjoy because you deserve it!

Makes 4 lobster rolls

Ingredients: For the lobster

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

Juice of 1 lemon

¼ teaspoon kosher salt

⅛ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

2 lobster tails or ¾ pound cooked lobster meat

Ingredients: For the sriracha mayo

½ cup mayonnaise

1 tablespoon sriracha, or more to taste

Ingredients: To assemble

4 top-split buns

3 tablespoons chopped fresh chives, to garnish


  1. Stir together the butter, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a small bowl until completely combined.
  2. If using cooked lobster meat, cut into small chunks and toss with lemon butter.
  3. If using lobster tails, prepare them now: Preheat oven to 425°F. Coat an oven-safe pan evenly with nonstick cooking spray. Place the tails, meat side up, in the prepared pan. Spread 2 tablespoons of the butter mixture evenly on the meat of both lobster tails.
  4. Roast in the oven for 5 to 8 minutes, until the lobster meat is opaque. Remove each tail from its shell and chop into bite-size pieces.
  5. Prepare the sriracha mayonnaise: Mix mayonnaise and sriracha. Spread mayo thickly on buns. Stuff the buns with the lobster meat and top with more sriracha mayo, if desired, and chives. Serve immediately while hot.

Excerpted from Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Laugh, Love, and Eat. Text copyright 2019 by Quad Webb. Cover photograph copyright 2019 by Will Sterling. Reproduced by permission of The Countryman Press. All rights reserved.

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Single Women are Driving Real Estate Market

How Single Women are Transforming the Real Estate Market

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2019 trend report, 18 percent of recent homebuyers were single women, in contrast to 9 percent of single male homebuyers. Why are so many more women buying homes of their own—and what does this mean for sellers who want to appeal to this growing demographic?

Why real estate may be more important for women.  When the NAR report asked respondents why they wanted to buy a home, the largest percentage by a wide margin answered, “The desire to own a home of my own.” Indeed, for many buyers the intangible sense of accomplishment and security provided by home ownership is a major motivation. However, for women, buying a home can have a host of benefits that make it work on an entirely different level. That’s because, for many women, the definition of success has changed—and home ownership is part of their new definition.

Women earned a majority of both academic and professional degrees.  According to the Council of Graduate Schools, women currently represent 58.2 percent of all graduate students and have outearned men in both master’s and doctoral degrees for more than a decade. As they take jobs that are more stable and require more time for career-building, women may find that home ownership offers the security they are looking for and that they have more money to spend on the right home.

The wage gap means women need to be smarter financially.  Despite their accomplishments in the classroom and the workforce, women earn significantly less than their male counterparts. According American Association of University Women:

  • Women working full time earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, on average.
  • Women hold nearly two-thirds of outstanding student loan debt.
  • As a result of lower lifetime earnings, women receive less in Social Security and pensions, resulting in 70 percent less in overall retirement income compared to men.

Because they earn less, women tend to be focused less on disposable income and more on making smart financial decisions. For many, this includes home ownership as a more secure investment that also provides for their practical needs.

Women are marrying later in life, if at all.  According to a 2018 Bank of America survey, single women prioritize home ownership more than their single male counterparts, and over many other priorities like getting married or having children. Indeed, for the many women attending graduate school and establishing their professional careers, home ownership seems to be an easier, more obvious, and more practical decision than marriage.

Women are often caretakers.  The US Census Bureau’s most recent analysis of custodial parents found that 80 percent of homes with a single parent were headed by women. In addition, estimates of female family caregivers for elderly or disabled relatives range from 53 to 68 percent. That means that for many women, stability and security for themselves and those they love lies, in part, in home ownership.

Women tend to be future-oriented.  By and large, studies show that women are more future-focused, making them adept at planning for future needs. While men may more successfully negotiate during the sales process, women buy real estate for the long haul, allowing them to take advantage of equity-building and appreciation. This means that they will be able to garner more of the advantages inherent in home ownership.

How can sellers make a home more appealing to female buyers?  When preparing your home for sale, you may automatically think in terms of married couples with children. However, with single women making up almost 20 percent of the people looking at your home, it pays to appeal to this growing group of buyers.

Offer reassurance regarding conditions  Emphasize upgrades and updates, new appliances, and other improvements so that the women considering your home won’t worry about unexpected and unpleasant surprise repairs. Consider being more accommodating on home inspection negotiations and providing a home warranty for the first year after purchase.

Focus on value-added improvements  Because many female buyers are focused on the long-term, emphasize the improvements you’ve made that add value to your home. If you’re working with a limited budget for changes, choose the ones that make the home more valuable—so she is building equity from day one.

Emphasize security features  Security monitoring and cameras, smart-home security systems, privacy fencing, hurricane protection, and more—these features reassure female homebuyers that they’ll feel safe in their new home. Ensure that the property description puts a focus on security features both in your home and in your neighborhood or building.

Gender-neutral marketing  Many of the terms we use in writing property descriptions unconsciously speak to a heterosexual couple with children: master bedroom or suitehis and hers closets or vanitiesin-law or au pair suite, among other holdovers from an older market. Instead, consider using owner’s suitedual closets or dual sink vanities, and guest suite.

Highlight multi-use spaces  A second owner’s suite or a downstairs guest unit can work in a variety of ways, especially for women who are single parents or caretakers. These can include:

  • Room for elderly parents or relatives
  • Room for a returning child post-college
  • Room for guests or a roommate

Think beyond a single use to a variety of ways that your space can work. That way, you’re emphasizing the adaptability of the home to the way your buyer lives.

Provide rental potential  Because single women don’t have a second income to draw on, they may be interested in taking on a renter in order to help with the mortgage. If you’re looking at ways to improve your property, consider finishing an apartment space above a garage or in a downstairs walk-out. This offers the buyer options that are ready to monetize on day one—and it adds value to her investment in the home.

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What to Ask Your Realtor BEFORE Hiring!

When selling your home, it’s important to ask the right questions. Making sure everyone is on the same page throughout the home selling process is key to getting your home ready for the sale.

What is the typical time frame for selling?

This question is a great way to gain some perspective on the overall process and can make you all the more prepared for the sometimes long journey of putting a home on the market.

What is the best marketing strategy for selling?

This will vary based on location and other factors, but making a home stand out on the market is a common denominator regardless. Between social media, mailers, open houses, and solid listing photos, there are many options to choose from to make for a strong marketing plan.

How will the listing price be decided?

Money is obviously a large part of the selling process. Knowing the plan to reach a listing price is an integral part of the sale that you want to stay on top of and adjust accordingly.

What is the best way to stay in communication?

Does the team involved prefer calls, emails, or texting? Clarify ahead of time, and make sure the lines of communication are open for you to address any problems as they arise.

What does the staging process look like?

Depersonalizing your home is important and can take some time depending on how your interior is styled. There should be a solid plan for this step, even if it means getting an outside contractor involved to make your home market ready.

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Mother’s Day is May 10th – Here are some flower options!

Mother’s Day may be celebrated a little differently this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be celebrated. Whether your mom is nearby or far away, don’t forget to give her the gift of flowers! A floral delivery is just what she needs during this time to put a smile on her face.


A wide variety of Mother’s Day bouquets are on full display on FTD’s website, so peruse the many options for one that’s just right for mom. They’ll even leave them at the doorstep for a no-contact delivery.

Winston Flowers

For those in Boston, New York, and Connecticut, head to Winston Flowers’ online shop to pick out a bouquet for a virtual delivery, and when they reopen, they’ll deliver the arrangement you picked out. It’s a great way to support a local business during this crisis.


If your mom’s style is a little more eclectic, go for an equally quirky flower arrangement for Mother’s Day by choosing one from UrbanStems.

The Sill

Potted plants are another great way to show your appreciation for the mother figure in your life, and The Sill has beautiful options to pick from.

Venus et Fleur

For a luxurious rose bouquet sourced from Ecuador, Venus et Fleur creates designs that are sure to “wow” mom!


With a vast array of artificial plants, dried flowers, and live succulents, Afloral is the online one-stop-shop for you.


Another no contact delivery option, 1-800-Flowers is still prioritizing nationwide delivery. As the “official florist of Mother’s Day”, you won’t go wrong with a bouquet from this online service

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Is it the Right Time to Refinance?!

Everyone is changing their lives due to Covid 19 and we want to offer you one more option to save money.

If you own a home, one of the options to help reduce your monthly payments and save money is to refinance your home loan, and with this changing market, refinancing is certainly something to consider. This process won’t be for everyone, but it’s a good first step to take if you’re looking to save a little bit of money—especially right now.

Ask for help.

Once you’ve decided to look into refinancing your home loan, it’s a good first step to work with a real estate agent who can help you navigate the ins and outs of the process. There are a lot of different types of loans and methods for refinancing (which are touched on below). But an industry expert is the best place to turn for questions. An agent can also help you determine how much your home is worth on the current market—a determining factor in whether or not a refinance could bring you valuable equity.

The purpose of refinancing.

Refinancing can help you accomplish a variety of different things, including lowering your monthly payment, lowering your interest rate, paying off your loan more quickly, acquiring more equity, or a combination of these. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you can make sure you select the best loan for your particular situation.

The different types of loans.

When you refinance your home loan, you are simply replacing your current loan with a new one. Homeowners have a few different options when it comes to refinancing:

Rate-and-term refinancing

This option allows you to change your mortgage rate (the percentage you pay per month) and the term of your loan (the length of time for payment). If your current mortgage rate is 3 percent over 30 years, you could refinance for a mortgage rate of 5 percent over 15 years, for example.

Cash-in refinancing

If you have the cash and are looking to potentially lower your mortgage rate or lower your insurance premium, this could be the option for you. Cash-in refinancing requires you to pay down your current loan in cash with your lender, ultimately lowering your monthly payment.

Cash-out refinancing

This option puts more risk on lenders and typically requires a more stringent approval process for homeowners. However, it could be an option for those looking to decrease the term of their loan. Although this option will increase the amount homeowners owe on their loan, it can be helpful for consolidation when multiple mortgages are taken out.

Do your research.

Know that when it comes to refinancing, you have options and resources at your disposal to help you. You don’t have to make the decision today, or even tomorrow, but if you are curious about the benefits of refinancing, it is always worth it to do your research and see if there is an option that best fits your current financial situation.

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Improvements to Increase Home Value!

If you want to increase the value of your home, it’s important to do some key renovations. But not all renovation projects are created equal. Some are worth the pretty penny spent, but many can be a waste of time and money, with the return not being quite as high as expected.

When thinking of what renovations to make to your home, consider the following improvements that could boost the value of your property.

Floriong (Average ROI: 70%-80%)

While carpeting may have been popular at one point, now it could seriously deter a potential buyer from putting an offer in. Hardwood floors may be a large expense, but they’re the way to go for any flooring renovation projects. If you have the time and money, this is an investment to think about. But if hardwood is too much out of your price range, consider laminate wood flooring, which gives you a similar look at the fraction of the cost.

Exterior (Average ROI: 76%-97%)

When potential buyers pull up to your property and notice overgrown grass, poor landscaping, and a neglected walkway, that doesn’t give them the best first impression. The opportunity that curb appeal presents for your home is substantial. This includes everything from your front door to your roof to your garage door, which, let’s face it, could always use a fresh coat of paint.

Kitchen (Average ROI: 79%-83%)

There’s a reason many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home—it’s the room where the most time is spent. People walk in and immediately look to the kitchen to make a quick judgment. If your microwave, stove, dishwasher, countertop, or any other commonly used appliance is over ten years old, it may be time to start thinking of updating.

Making improvements to your home can be quite the commitment, but it’s important if you want to Improve your home’s value on the market.

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What do You Use Your Alexa For?

7 Features You Need to Try On Amazon Alexa!

We’re all familiar with Amazon Alexa by now—whether you own one or not. But what can this device really do to improve your life at home? Here are some of the best features of the Alexa you should take advantage of today!

Control household devices

There is nothing worse than wanting to change the channel, but the remote is across the room. Or needing to turn up the heat, but the thermostat is downstairs. Don’t fret! With the correct technology, you can simply connect your TV, thermostat, lights, kitchen appliances, or garage door to Alexa, and she will complete these tasks when told.!


If you have some time on your hands, Alexa has plenty of features to keep your interest. For example, Alexa offers many different games, such as Bingo, Jeopardy, or Simon Says, to play with your family and friends! If you are the only person home, Alexa can read free Audible books, or you can connect your Kindle and pick up where you left off!

Get cooking tips

Let’s face it, we all get bored of eating the same rotation of dinners each week. If you’re looking for a new recipe or have a question about cooking, Alexa can help! She can convert units of measurement, give you recipe ideas for dinners or cocktails, set multiple timers, and even keep track of your grocery list.

Stay healthy

If you have trouble keeping track of your healthy habits, Alexa has many features to guide you. She can answer questions about calorie counts, give you reminders to hit the gym, and sync to your Fitbit so you can monitor your progress.

Play music

Don’t feel like buying an expensive speaker for your house, but your phone isn’t loud enough? Alexa can play music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and many others. You can even control the volume of the music to your liking.

Make phone calls

Time for your weekly phone call with mom? Simply ask Alexa to “call mom” and you’re good to go. Even better, if you and your family/friends have the Echo Dot Show, you can video call one another for a more personal conversation.

Learn new skills

If none of the features above caught your eye, there is so much more Alexa can do, should you decide to purchase one. For example, if you’re traveling internationally soon, you can download the Translation skill to your Amazon device and Alexa will help you learn the native language in no time. Just ask Alexa to list her skills, and decide which ones fit your life best.

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Board Games or Video Games

Are Board Games Better Than Video Games?

Quintin Smith has an interesting post over at Kotaku in which he argues that board games and pen-and-paper RPGs are superior to video games, for a number of reasons.

For one, technology itself and the entire development process required to put together a major video game can muck it up beyond recognition. Board games, on the other hand, have a very low design threshold. Whereas creating a video game is akin to swimming through shark-infested waters, a board game can be designed and prototyped shark-free.

“When you buy a board game, what you take home and play is the original concept precisely as it was in the designer’s head,” writes Smith. “That’s the mecca for video games. For board games, it’s the norm.”

“This isn’t me clawing at the jaws of a dinosaur as it goes bubbling down into a tar pit, either,” he writes. “Board game sales are actually increasing, year on year, and have been for more than a decade. Board games, would you believe it, seem to be coming back.”

“You can buy a great board game for under $20, and every time you play it, it’s a new game,” Silver noted. “This is a toy that can be played over and over again, so the consumer sees value in this type of purchase.”

Compare that with any major release on the consoles. Gamers pay $60 for a vanilla title, and often fork out more for downloadable content or expansion packs.

Quintin’s argument is pretty compelling, but I’m not entirely sold. Yes, board and pen-and-paper games do come from a pure spring of ideas and aren’t bogged down with the limitations of tech or the high expectations of massive profits. But aren’t we just comparing apples to oranges?

A good Dungeons and Dragons campaign is hard to beat on its own terms. You have to imagine a great deal. And you have to set aside a pretty substantial chunk of time. Not just your time either. You need to find actual people to play with. Video gamers often play with friends either in the flesh or online, but at least in my experience the time requirements of a good board game or pen-and-paper RPG are vast in comparison.

It is not unique at all being a gamer with lots of time constraints: between kids, spouse, work, and sleep most of life is already plenty occupied. Any hypothetical person you could play a board game with would have all the same (or many of the same) restraints as you would.

Gaming is an adult hobby now, and adults get the short end of the stick compared to our youthful counterparts at least when it comes to managing time. Video games are wonderful, in part, because they can achieve some of the same emotional gratification and entertainment value that board games and pen-and-paper games give us. They’re also more visceral.

Whereas board games require us to think, and pen-and-paper RPGs require us to imagine, video games tap more directly into the actual play. There’s pros and cons to each form, and while both low and high-tech gaming can be extremely fun and gratifying, I think we’re talking about two very different experiences that can’t really be held up the one against the other.

In the end, the more the merrier. More games, more gamers, more people spending their time playing rather than doing all the other awful things we do.

Technology may be a cross video game designers are forced to bear, but it’s also a promise of things to come – a double-edged digital sword. Maybe a lot of the limitations in gaming so far, or at least in role-playing and story-intensive video games, are due to the still-evolving way in which we tell stories in games. Maybe the gaming industry has mirrored too often the film industry, and needs to get back to its cardboard root.

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Hallmark Care Enough Card Giveaway!

Two Million Card Giveaway · Put More Care in the World!

Hallmark Is Looking to Lift Spirits With A Two Million Card Giveaway. For a Limited Time, Get a Free 3 Card Pack From Hallmark To Connect With Others! Find A Store. Shop Online. Styles: Heartfelt, Celebrate, Funny, Congratulate.
This is a great way to take the time you have on your hands to write a card to a Family member (young and old), a colleague, friend, senior in a living community, firefighter, police officer, EMT, nurse, doctor, and ANYONE who is putting in their own time at their own risk.  Cards are not only for holidays and special days, but with the technology we all have in today’s world, everyone appreciates a handwritten card.  So take a few minute and Hallmark is doing most of the work.
Maybe even take it another step and include a gift card from your local business (can be a restaurant or any local business that is suffering) to give as a nice treat and support the local businesses.
Here is the link to copy and paste:



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What Age is Right to Buy a Home?

The Right Age to Buy a House

Although buying a house for the first time is a big decision, it turns out there is no perfect age to do it. When it comes to taking the plunge, it’s more about individual readiness.  While there’s no “right” age, there are trade-offs between buying when you’re a young adult and waiting until you’re older.

Why buy a home earlier in life?

If you can swing it, homeownership in your twenties or thirties brings many advantages.  For starters, money spent on rent is lost forever, and you don’t even get a tax break for your trouble. When you buy a home, you’re actually investing in your future, potentially reaping a nice tax break for the mortgage interest you pay.  Over time, you’ll build equity you can borrow against if necessary, and the value of your home may increase enough to bring a substantial profit when you sell. Or if you stay in your home long enough, you’ll pay off your mortgage completely and enjoy living free of that monthly payment.

Why wait, then?

Sometimes putting off home purchase can be a good thing, too.  When you’re in your middle years or older, chances are you’ll have a higher, steadier income and a better idea of where you’d like to settle down than when you were first starting out.  You’ll also leave yourself time to build excellent credit, which may qualify you for the best available mortgage rates and terms. Additionally, taking the years to save a large down payment improves loan-to-value ratio, making it easier to find affordable financing.

Not ready? You’re not alone

The Pew Research Center found that young adults are waiting longer on average to move out of their parental homes than they were a generation ago, with over 32% of adults aged 18 to 34 still living with their parents.  The increasing age of first marriage also comes into play. For the first time in more than 130 years, this demographic is less likely to be living independently with a spouse or partner than remaining in their parental home, according to Pew’s analysis.  First-home purchase age also increased slightly. Zillow reports that back in the 1970s, most first-time homebuyers were 29 to 30 years old and often married with a child. Today’s first-time homebuyers average about 32 years of age and are more likely to be single.

But if you are ready

Green Isle Real Estate & Mortgage can help you decide if the time is right to buy by providing expert financial and real estate guidance with a variety of  mortgage options including conventional and government loans along with home listings that suit your every desire.

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