Homeownership = Happiness!

Why Homeownership Makes People Happier Most Americans have no regrets about buying a home. In fact, it’s made them happier, a new survey shows. Ninety-three percent of Americans say they are happier after buying a home, and 83% would never go back to renting, according to latest Homebuyer Insights Report, based on a survey of [...]

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Want to Texture Your Walls?

Looking to switch up the interior of your home without compromising on color schemes or major decor choices, consider adding texture to your walls. There are dozens of options out there, but whichever one you go with, it’s a technique that’s sure to add personality. Paint It Faux Out with the old paint, and in [...]

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Selling Your Own Home? Know the Contract?

Q: I am selling my house without the use of a real estate agent. My current buyer came to me through his agent. Closing is still several weeks off. Due to a change of circumstance, it is a bad idea for me to move, and I want to cancel the contract. If I cancel, will [...]

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Traveling with your Children as Adults

As my daughter grows up and develops into adulthood, and down the road gets married and has kids of her own, is it still possible to travel together and still get along? Here are seven tips on how to make a vacation with your adult children a fun and memorable experience. 1. Talk About Priorities [...]

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Amazing Interest Rates Great for First Time Buyers

First-Time Homebuyers Get a Break With Lower Mortgage Rates We’re talking about some real money here for homebuyers. Take a $200,000 mortgage. The mortgage payment for principal and interest would drop by about $120 a month if your rate is 4.1 percent instead of 5.1 percent on a 30-year mortgage, according to Greg McBride, chief [...]

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Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy a Home!

Let’s face it, the Fall market gets a bad rap. The majority of buyers assume that they’ll be unable to find a house that fits their needs during the fall—hence the mad rush during the summer. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are four reasons why a buyer should disregard the myths, [...]

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Who is Your Team and where do They Rank?

We're doing things a bit differently this time. Rather than compiling rankings from our throng of reporters and experts, we're using this edition to unveil the first set of ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) ratings. Each team's rating is composed of a predicted offensive, defensive and special teams efficiency, as measured by expected points added [...]

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Is Selling Home Overwhelming For Homeowner?

Is Selling a Home an Overwhelming Process for Homeowners? Variables and Perspectives Involved with Selling a Home Essentially, the question is asking whether or not selling a home with traditional methods is too much of a hassle for homeowners. Ultimately, the answer depends on each homeowner’s real estate and mortgage experience, workload, location, situation, and [...]

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What is Your Favorite Season?

While weather predictions can be unreliable, it is safe to say that 25% of Americans are looking forward to the summer months. In a survey of the four seasons, summer rates high as 25% of Americans look forward to the warmer weather. Fall is the favorite season of the nation, with 29% responding that they [...]

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Homes Sell All Year Long

Most real estate experts would tell you that spring and early summer is peak season for buying or selling a home, and statistics show that they’re right. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the summer is wasted time for people looking to buy or sell. August, in particular, can be a productive month, [...]

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