What is Your Favorite Season?

While weather predictions can be unreliable, it is safe to say that 25% of Americans are looking forward to the summer months. In a survey of the four seasons, summer rates high as 25% of [...]

Homes Sell All Year Long

Most real estate experts would tell you that spring and early summer is peak season for buying or selling a home, and statistics show that they’re right. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of [...]

Why to Use a Realtor!

Why Use a REALTOR® Many home owners consider selling their home directly but eventually turn to a REALTOR® to close the deal. Smart home sellers realize they need the expertise a REALTOR® offers in pricing [...]

Looking for ideas for outdoor spaces?

Sometimes, we spend so much time focusing on interior design that we forget about the outdoor spaces of our homes. Many people with patios neglect that space, which means they’re missing out on beautiful outdoor [...]

How Good Are you with Recycling?

Every day, the average American will throw away nearly five pounds of trash and waste. Recycling also helps make products more affordable for both manufacturers and shoppers, reduces overall energy use, and cuts down on [...]

Choose The Right Forever Home

Tips For Finding Your Forever Home The old saying runs that’s there’s no place like home. And while it’s certainly true that we all dream of a place to call our own, what that place [...]