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Seller Services

Seller Services

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There was a time, not too long ago, when all a listing agent had to do to sell a house was put the “For Sale” sign in the front yard, list it on the MLS, and wait for the offers to start pouring in.

Those days are long gone and there’s no telling when – or if – it will ever be that easy again. In a market like the one we have right now with all the options of listing possibilities of online companies, the decision you make can make a huge difference.  There is still NO substitute for a trusted agent working on the front lines for you.

Green Isle Real Estate & Mortgage understands that in challenging economic conditions the responsibility of the Seller’s Agent is more important than ever. Sellers need an aggressive, dedicated agent to ensure that the property is not only sold, but done so in the shortest possible time and for the best possible price. That may be a tall order for some, but it’s a challenge that we enjoy and look forward to!

A Seller’s Agent has a lawful, fiduciary responsibility to his or her client, including:

      • Undivided loyalty
      • Compliance
      • Diligence
      • Full disclosure
      • Confidentiality
      • Accountability
      • Reasonable Skill and Care

During the listing process, the Seller’s agent:

      • Prepares a competitive market analysis of the seller’s home or property
      • Develops and implements effective marketing strategies for the seller, including helping to establish asking price, staging, and positioning of the property
      • Informs the seller what prices other homes and properties have sold for in the area.

During the negotiating process, the Seller’s agent:

      • Presents all offers and counsels seller on what price to accept
      • Negotiates exclusively on the seller’s behalf
      • Updates the seller on market conditions
      • Suggests that the seller contact an attorney for an estimate of closing costs

During the closing process, the Seller’s agent:

      • Works closely with the seller to assure a smooth closing
      • Monitors all dates, events and requirements for the seller
      • Represents the Seller’s interest at the buyer’s walk-through inspection
      • May attend the closing with the seller.