Blog Hallmark Care Enough Card Giveaway!

Hallmark Care Enough Card Giveaway!

Two Million Card Giveaway · Put More Care in the World!

Hallmark Is Looking to Lift Spirits With A Two Million Card Giveaway. For a Limited Time, Get a Free 3 Card Pack From Hallmark To Connect With Others! Find A Store. Shop Online. Styles: Heartfelt, Celebrate, Funny, Congratulate.
This is a great way to take the time you have on your hands to write a card to a Family member (young and old), a colleague, friend, senior in a living community, firefighter, police officer, EMT, nurse, doctor, and ANYONE who is putting in their own time at their own risk.  Cards are not only for holidays and special days, but with the technology we all have in today’s world, everyone appreciates a handwritten card.  So take a few minute and Hallmark is doing most of the work.
Maybe even take it another step and include a gift card from your local business (can be a restaurant or any local business that is suffering) to give as a nice treat and support the local businesses.
Here is the link to copy and paste:


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