Blog Spring Prep & Staging Tips!

Spring Prep & Staging Tips!

Hire a landscaper – How do you get potential buyers to look inside your home? You have to catch their attention with the outside! Curb appeal is an important first step in attaining the interest of home buyers.

Power wash – Cleaning the outside of your home is a must. Weathering of the outside of a home is inevitable, and power washing can restore that same look that made you interested in buying that very home.

Clean up winter residue – A long winter can do some damage to the floors in your home. Cleaning off residue can be a tough task because regular cleaners won’t do the trick. Your best bet to make sure your floors end up clean is to hire a professional who is properly equipped. If hiring a cleaner is not in the budget, make sure you do thorough research on the type of flooring you have and the care needed to treat the floors properly.

Pull back the curtains – Curtains can add a pop of color to any room, but it’s important to pull them back and let the natural light shine in your home for an easy way to brighten it up without artificial lighting.

Change up the décor – Incorporate throw pillows and blankets that reflect the colors of the season. This change in color will set the tone you want your home to give off to potential buyers. You can also add candles to make your home feel cozy. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to scents, so it’s a good idea to stick will mild and basic aromas. Refrain from anything too fragrant.

Declutter – Think about donating unwanted or unused items to make a space seem larger. If you have closets over flowing, reorganize or get rid of items to show off the space your home has to offer!

Display – Flower arrangements and jars of fruit add a pop of color and a spring fresh scent that will give your home the perfect appeal it needs to sell.

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