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Green Lawn & Conserve Water

It’s hard to determine, especially in the summer, whether it’s time to water the grass or not. With rain, dry days, and everything in between, let smart irrigation systems do the calculating for you.

What is smart irrigation?
What it does
Smart irrigation is a method of watering plants and grass without having to manually turn on a sprinkler or hose system. Typically, it is controlled through an app that measures the moisture level in your soil and lets you know when the conditions are right to water or cut back on watering your yard.
How it does it
Through installation of sensors in the yard or by analyzing weather in your area, it determines a tailored watering schedule through whichever linked app it uses so you can access and see when it will be going off and on.

Types of systems
Weather Based (evapotranspiration controller)
By using local weather data, this system will predict, without 100% accuracy, when the best times to irrigate are.
On site soil monitors
Inserting these monitors near the root of grass, trees, and shrubs, will measure moisture levels in the soil to determine how much and when water is needed.

Why you should consider installing a smart irrigation system
Systems like these save water and money. Without knowing it, you’re wasting about 25,000 gallons of water annually, which is money out of your pocket and water that could be used for better purposes.

The cost of smart irrigation
Of course, smart irrigation comes with a bit of a price tag. If you’re willing to do the switch, a low end, basic system costs around $150, while a high end one that lasts longer will cost about $230. For the amount of cost reduction in your water bill, it will pay itself off in a few months.

Making the switch to a smart irrigation system is simple and will integrate seamlessly into your life, because all you do after installation is open the app to check on your landscape watering schedule.

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