Blog Looking for ideas for outdoor spaces?

Looking for ideas for outdoor spaces?

Sometimes, we spend so much time focusing on interior design that we forget about the outdoor spaces of our homes. Many people with patios neglect that space, which means they’re missing out on beautiful outdoor retreats. If your patio decor is lacking, there are countless ways to add some flare to your space.

Divide and conquer
You’ll want to organize your space so that different sections have different purposes. If you’d like to use your patio as an eating space but also for relaxation, keep the dining area separate from your cozy chair and foot rest that doubles as a bookcase for your favorite novels.

Pillows and rugs
If you want your patio to become a cozy place to lounge, stock up on all of the essentials. Cover outdoor furniture with plenty of throw pillows, and get a handful of floor pillows that you and your guests can use to sit on the ground for more relaxed occasions. You can also cover the ground with an outdoor rug that will bring a little warmth into the space.

Creative seating
Feel free to incorporate unique seating into your patio space. Hang hammocks from the ceiling if you want to use your patio for a relaxing, quiet place to think or read. If you want to make your patio extra comfortable, throw in a futon or day bed where you can lay and rest.

Bring in a few potted plants to incorporate nature into this indoor-outdoor space. They’ll brighten up the area nicely. Just make sure that the layout of the patio allows your plants or flowers to get enough sunlight if necessary.

Food area
If you like to eat outdoors, add a small table and a few chairs to your patio space. During the warmer months, you can head outside and enjoy dinner with a sunset view. If you’re feeling fancy, consider purchasing a bar cart, which will help you bring cocktails from the kitchen to the patio seamlessly. You can even install a tabletop fire pit if you’re interested in roasting marshmallows on the patio.

Curtains and partitions
To add an element of privacy, hang a curtain or set up a partition to separate your patio space from the outdoors. You can even repaint old shutters from your home and use them as a barrier between your patio and the rest of your yard. If you’d still like to get natural sunlight, choose a light colored curtain or only set up a partition on one side of the patio for partial privacy.

Blend design styles
Again, your patio is a unique blend between an indoor and outdoor space. You’ll want to incorporate traditionally indoor and outdoor items so that your patio acts as a natural transition between your home and your backyard. For example, decorate the space with wicker furniture and decorative throw pillows. Your patio shouldn’t be able to pass for your living room, but you don’t have to fill it with lounge chairs and call it a day, either.

On dark nights when you want to spend time on your patio, you’ll want to make sure you have enough lighting to see your surroundings. One of the best ways to do this is to hang lighting from the ceiling. Whether it’s a large light or a number of twinkly string lights, adequate lighting will allow you to get the most use out of your space.
Your patio has more potential than you might’ve realized. Think about how you’d like to use your space, and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to transform this often overlooked part of the home.

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