Blog Want to Texture Your Walls?

Want to Texture Your Walls?

Looking to switch up the interior of your home without compromising on color schemes or major decor choices, consider adding texture to your walls. There are dozens of options out there, but whichever one you go with, it’s a technique that’s sure to add personality.

Paint It Faux
Out with the old paint, and in with the faux finish. This look is increasing in popularity and can be done by simply dipping a damp sponge in a color of the same family as the base paint, and dabbing the sponge on the walls. This technique adds dimension to any room.

Mad About Marble
A marble look instantly elevates a space to appear more chic and expensive. Try it out on your walls by applying a tinted glaze over the base coat. This method requires more patience than the others, but it’s well worth it. Use a mini roller for the glaze to achieve a more realistic look.

A Knack for Knockdown
This drywall-style finish is for homeowners who want a more understated look. The two main tools you need are a spray texture gun and a knockdown knife. The final appearance is less dramatic than a popcorn finish, making for one sophisticated result.

The Orange Peel Method
Perlite—otherwise known as “orange peel” because the texture resembles the skin of an orange—is one of the most typical methods of texturizing. It takes about 2–3 applications to see the effect, and it can be done with either a hopper gun or a paint roller.

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