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Rent or Buy

Each individual has their own decision to make when it comes to the option of whether to rent or buy. Recent statistics have shown that buying is a more feasible choice in approximately 72% of the nation. That is an overwhelming number if you consider it for just a moment. Sacramento was number seven (7) on this list. This falls right in line with the question I am asked almost daily: “What do you think is going to happen to home prices?”. My response to that question is simple. If you are thinking of buying a home, it is only important that you select a home you truly love, you pay a price you are comfortable with and complete it with an interest rate on your loan that you are happy about. In the end, if these three things come together for you then you will be very happy for the next 5-30 years.


Having that said, if you are on the fence, I hope that was a helpful little piece of information for you. With the economy still grinding on all of us, renting is still a fantastic option. Take note if you are a renter in the Sacramento region that we are seeing what the rest of California and the Nation are with rising lease prices. It is simply supply and demand so the same rules apply as if you were buying. Find the apartment, condo or house you really like and at a price you are happy with. I hope these small notes have been helpful.

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