Blog Where has “Service” gone?

Where has “Service” gone?

The term service means many different things to many different people, but the essence is essentially the same. It differs based on what your expectations are for the levels of service. As the years go by I have watched service throughout our country become increasingly less important to those who are supposed to be providing it. Any business or transaction that occurs between two individuals or groups requires some level of service.


Today I was in a place of business and there were four individuals “working”. One of the workers was helping me but was on the phone with a call from a co worker that appeared to be of a somewhat personal nature while the other worker injected herself into the conversation at different points. The whole time she was on the phone she was handling my transaction with little eye contact and the minimal amount of communication necessary. The other workers were milling around and not accomplishing anything too pressing. I conducted my business and will no longer go to this establishment for future dealings. Unfortunately, if we continue on our current path, there will be no businesses to frequent anymore.

The message is that we need to accept the positions we choose in certain times in our lives and understand that there is a certain level of service that we should all expect and happily provide. I urge all of you dealing with others to take a moment and think about how to impress the individual on the other side of the transaction and each time you consciously do so it will become more and more natural. I would love to hear your stories of service (good and bad) as well as your opinions on the topic.

Good Luck.

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