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The Forgotten Client

In our current real estate world, at least in the Greater Sacramento area of California, there is a group who seems to be omitted from most conversations and media attention and those are the folks who have a positive situation in their current real estate property and hold real equity in their home. These individuals and families are in a rare and wonderful situation by being able to completely control their own destiny with little involvement from the bank who holds their note. Depending on their position, this may be a very advantageous time to consider moving up in the type of home they have with the low prices of the market coupled with the incredible interest rates. It may also be a time for them to downsize if they have reached that spot in their life and a more simple residence is suitable for which moving would be equally beneficial. Furthermore, they could simply enjoy the fact that they have equity in a market where this is a more uncommon notion and have the ability to watch their home continue to increase in equity value as time goes on.


I found it necessary to give notice to this group as we hear so much in today’s economic pressures about the bank owned homes and the short sales, that it seems they are a forgotten group. While we in the real estate industry work hard every day to make sure these short sales and bank owned properties transition as smooth as possible for our clients, I wanted the aforementioned individuals and families to be recognized and give them some sense of assurance that we are here for them as well and welcome the chance to assist them with whatever they may need in this market as well.

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