Improvements to Increase Home Value!

If you want to increase the value of your home, it’s important to do some key renovations. But not all renovation projects are created equal. Some are worth the pretty penny spent, but many can [...]

What do You Use Your Alexa For?

7 Features You Need to Try On Amazon Alexa! We’re all familiar with Amazon Alexa by now—whether you own one or not. But what can this device really do to improve your life at home? [...]

Board Games or Video Games

Are Board Games Better Than Video Games? Quintin Smith has an interesting post over at Kotaku in which he argues that board games and pen-and-paper RPGs are superior to video games, for a number of reasons. For [...]

Hallmark Care Enough Card Giveaway!

Two Million Card Giveaway · Put More Care in the World! Hallmark Is Looking to Lift Spirits With A Two Million Card Giveaway. For a Limited Time, Get a Free 3 Card Pack From Hallmark To Connect With Others! [...]

What Age is Right to Buy a Home?

The Right Age to Buy a House Although buying a house for the first time is a big decision, it turns out there is no perfect age to do it. When it comes to taking [...]

Keep Homeownership Dream Alive!

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