New Investment Property on Market

I have been talking about investments properties for a while now. Real estate is a phenomenal investment and will always grow over time so do your research and build your portfolio and your wealth. NEW [...]

Reasons to Invest in Sacramento Real Estate

Reasons to Invest in the Sacramento Housing Market There’s a lot to say about Sacramento real estate market trends based on its data, so let’s get right to it! Here are four reasons why real [...]

Green Lawn & Conserve Water

It’s hard to determine, especially in the summer, whether it’s time to water the grass or not. With rain, dry days, and everything in between, let smart irrigation systems do the calculating for you. What [...]

Multifamily Investors Take Note

Real Estate Investors Ride Record US Economic Expansion “Commercial real estate investors are among the biggest winners in the U.S. economic expansion, which reaches a record 121 months this week in a recovery from the [...]

Tips to Clean up your Devices

Is your laptop, desktop computer, or phone starting to slow down? Are you running out of storage space on one of these devices or is it just overwhelmingly cluttered? Before you surrender and go out [...]

Investment Property – You Interested?

Taking on the role of landlord is a huge undertaking. You have renters to find (and trustworthy ones at that), a property to look after, and being the go-between for the many different people involved [...]