Spring Prep & Staging Tips!

Hire a landscaper - How do you get potential buyers to look inside your home? You have to catch their attention with the outside! Curb appeal is an important first step in attaining the interest [...]

Know Your Pets?

Our pets are our faithful companions—they know us so well, as we do them. But how well do we really know them? Cats • Cats have thirty-two muscles in each ear and can rotate an [...]

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Apple TV+ – Crowding the Market?

When Apple announced its own subscription service this week, Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Arcade, many people thought: “Great, more subscription services to add to the monthly tab.” Nearly half of consumers in the [...]

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2019 NFL Rules Changes!

The following rule changes have been proposed for the NFL owners' meeting in March 2019:[10] • Allow both teams to possess the ball at least once in overtime, even if the first team to possess [...]

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Automation in Market 2019 – What Does It Mean?

Automation is getting smarter and virtual ISAs are getting less expensive and more scalable. But at the same time, better trained and more professional. Speed to lead will be even more important than ever before [...]

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Timing to Buy or Sell?

The big decision when considering real estate is when to buy and when to sell. You must think of many factors when deciding, depending on which position you are in. I bring this up now [...]