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Automation in Market 2019 – What Does It Mean?

Automation is getting smarter and virtual ISAs are getting less expensive and more scalable. But at the same time, better trained and more professional. Speed to lead will be even more important than ever before as we enter a shifting market. On the flip side, as the market shifts, the consumer will value the agent [...]

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Timing to Buy or Sell?

The big decision when considering real estate is when to buy and when to sell. You must think of many factors when deciding, depending on which position you are in. I bring this up now as Spring is certainly the Best time of the year to sell. You must also consider if you are looking [...]

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Points on 2019 Market Forecast

Stumpf: I believe Sacramento will see a slight increase in home prices in 2019. I foresee a balanced market between buyers and sellers, and that is great news as far as I am concerned. The number of homes available on the market will be slightly higher than in past years, and homes will take slightly [...]

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