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2019 NFL Rules Changes!

The following rule changes have been proposed for the NFL owners’ meeting in March 2019:[10]
• Allow both teams to possess the ball at least once in overtime, even if the first team to possess scores a touchdown; eliminate overtime from preseason games; and eliminate the overtime coin toss and allow the original coin toss winner the choice of kick, receive, or which goal to defend.
• In lieu of an onside kick, a team would be able to run a fourth down and 15 yards play from the 35 yard line. If the first down is made (either by run, pass, or defensive penalty), the offense keeps the ball at the succeeding spot. If not, they lose possession at the succeeding spot. The “onside conversion” will only be permitted to be used once per game, and only in the fourth quarter. This is similar to a rule used by the Alliance of American Football.
• Various proposed expansions of instant replay review:
o The Washington Redskins’ proposal, the most expansive, would open all plays to instant replay.
o The Kansas City Chiefs propose making all personal fouls subject to instant replay, called or not; the Redskins have a similar proposal.
o A joint proposal by the Los Angeles Rams, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks would make certain “player safety related fouls” subject to coach’s challenges.
o The Eagles propose making any scoring play negated by a foul subject to review.
o The Denver Broncos propose making any unsuccessful fourth-down conversion, as well as any extra point or two-point conversion attempt, subject to automatic review.


Automation in Market 2019 – What Does It Mean?

Automation is getting smarter and virtual ISAs are getting less expensive and more scalable. But at the same time, better trained and more professional. Speed to lead will be even more important than ever before as we enter a shifting market. On the flip side, as the market shifts, the consumer will value the agent more than ever before.

There are several things happening in our industry currently. First, we have a market shift that is taking place. But this is nothing new for our industry, just remember: “there is no such thing as a bad market, it is always good for someone.” As real estate agents, we need to identify “whom the market is good for” and adapt to serve their real estate needs which is how you thrive in shifts. The much larger thing taking place, and we will only continue to see more of it, is all these ‘disruptors’ moving into our space and we will see more of this in 2019. As real estate agents, we can’t bury our heads in the sand and not take action — we need to take massive action on this as the future role of the real estate agent depends on it.


Timing to Buy or Sell?

The big decision when considering real estate is when to buy and when to sell. You must think of many factors when deciding, depending on which position you are in. I bring this up now as Spring is certainly the Best time of the year to sell. You must also consider if you are looking to sell at the top of the market then you will also be buying at the top of the market. However the main difference is that real estate over time will always increase in value so what is the top of the market today is not what the top of the market is in 5 or 10 years from now.

Real estate is a cyclical market and will always show a positive outcome given the right amount of time. That is why buying at what is the “top of the market” should not be a major factor in your decision making as your home value only matters when you are ready to sell.

Our current market is not only a strong market to sell, but also a strong market to buy primarily due to the low interest rates available to Buyers along with the many different types of loans available. Loans with as low as 3.5% down and not needing a credit score in the 700s. These are just some of the factors to consider if you are entering the market on either side.

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Points on 2019 Market Forecast

Stumpf: I believe Sacramento will see a slight increase in home prices in 2019. I foresee a balanced market between buyers and sellers, and that is great news as far as I am concerned. The number of homes available on the market will be slightly higher than in past years, and homes will take slightly longer to sell on average. Appealing homes that are appropriately priced … will still see competitive multiple offers and sell quickly.

Wehrli: Home prices are likely to be pretty stable, rising modestly by year end. I expect a decent spring selling season, particularly if mortgage rates remain lower as they have been very recently. Inventory is likely to rise a bit, but, remember, we are coming from a few years now of extraordinarily low levels of inventory.

Shea: Look for a very predictable sales pattern once again in 2019. One can expect (house price) appreciation to (be in) the 4 percent to 6 percent range. Continued job growth and upward pressure on employee compensation appear to remain in play for the foreseeable future in Northern California. Mortgage rates remain incredibly favorable.

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Lundquist: If buyers put their foot back on the gas pedal, with mortgages rates going down now, there is room in the market to see values increase. It all boils down right now to what buyers are going to do. It’s a blank canvas.

Paquin: We are optimistic for sales and pricing in 2019. There is a real possibility that sales will equal and perhaps exceed 2018 numbers. (Newly constructed homes) should see a modest increase of between 2 percent and 3.5 percent.


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Fed Leaves Rates Through 2019

The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged and dialed back projections for further rate hikes in 2019, as inflation remains tame and economic growth slows. The U.S. central bank voted unanimously Wednesday to maintain its benchmark interest rate in a range of 2.25 percent and 2.5 percent, a widely expected move after officials stressed that they would be “patient” and flexible” before deciding to adjust borrowing costs again. Officials also updated their economic projections, trimming the number of increases they foresee in 2019 from two to zero. The policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) said the labor market is “solid,” adding that inflation “has declined.” Officials also removed language saying that the labor market “has continued to strengthen” from their post-meeting statement, following the release of the February employment report, which showed the slowest pace of job creation since September 2017.

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